End-to-End High-Speed Ethernet and InfiniBand Connectivity


The need to gain network and server efficiencies is paramount to every IT solution. By combining key technologies from the adapter and switch, Mellanox can accelerate networks and reduce CPU utilization for increased scalability and the highest efficiency. Explore how Mellanox’s broad portfolio of Ethernet and InfiniBand technologies can enhance your network and take your solution to the next level

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Mellanox InfiniBand solutions incorporate In-Network Computing to carry out computational operations on the data as it is being transferred, delivering ten times higher performance, and enabling “data-centric” computing. By delivering the fastest data speed, lowest latency, and utilizing smart accelerations Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet technologies offer the highest efficiency, resiliency and are the best choice for connecting the world’s top HPC supercomputers.

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Data Center

Data centers have evolved significantly in recent years, adopting technologies such as virtualization and flash-based storage. As IT needs continue to evolve, many organizations focus on initiatives to increase network bandwidth and server efficiencies to unlock the performance of servers and storage. By incorporating network accelerators and CPU offloads Mellanox Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnects eliminate operating system overhead and increase server and networking efficiencies to help optimize investments in new technologies.

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